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Blue Circular Inyabu Wall Hanging

Blue Circular Inyabu - ROSE MADE SHOP
Blue Circular Inyabu - ROSE MADE SHOP

Designer: Womencraft

$78.00 CAD

These home decor items are handcrafted from natural fibres and vibrant fabrics by women refugee artisans in Tanzania. Featuring colourful, intricate designs every item is high-quality, ethically made, beautiful, functional, and durable. Your purchase supports women refugee artisans to gain economic independence, raise stronger families, stimulate their local economies and inspire the world. 

Woven wall hanging.

  • this collection is the result of a partnership with UNHCR 
  • sacks in which refugees receive their monthly food rations are recycled and woven into grasses harvested around the camp
  • wall hanging with loop at the back
  • approx. 30cm diameter   

Does not ship outside US and Canada.

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